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DEFCON 20: Bypassing Endpoint Security for $20 or Less

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In this talk cheap easily constructed devices which can be used to bypass endpoint security software by making any USB mass storage (flash or hard) drive appear as authorized devices will be presented.

The design and implementation will be discussed in detail. Devices can be constructed for approximately $18 and $30 for a small package which requires soldering of 4 wires, and a slightly larger package which requires no soldering, respectively. Some familiarity with microcontrollers and C programming would be helpful, but not required for attendees to get the most from this talk.

Phil Polstra was born at an early age. He cleaned out his savings at age 8 in order to buy a TI99-4A computer for the sum of $450.

Two years later he learned 6502 assembly and has been hacking computers and electronics ever since. Phil currently works as a professor at a private Midwestern university. He teaches computer security and forensics.

His current research focus involves use of microcontrollers and small embedded computers for forensics and pentesting. Prior to entering academia, Phil held several high level positions at well-known US companies. He holds a couple of the usual certs one might expect for someone in his position. Phil is also an accomplished aviator with several thousand hours of flight time. He holds 12 ratings including instructor, commerical pilot, mechanic, inspector, and avionics tech. When not working, he likes to spend time with his family, fly, hack electronics, and has been known to build airplanes.

Over the last few years Phil has spoken on various USB-related topics at a number of conferences such as 44Con, NetSecure, MakerFaire Detroit, and Black Hat. He has developed a number of cheap, fun, and useful devices for infosec and forensics professionals.
Twitter: @ppolstra
Facebook: ppolstra

For more information visit: http://bit.ly/defcon20_information
To download the video visit: http://bit.ly/defcon20_videos
Playlist DEFCON 20: http://bit.ly/defcon20_playlist

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