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Clear Rules of the Road with the Do Not Track Policy

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What if using the Web didn’t mean sacrificing your privacy?

We’ve spent years thinking about simple ways for everyday users to demand real privacy online. And, working in consultation with privacy experts across the globe, we’ve got a blueprint for addressing one particularly challenging privacy dilemma: online tracking.

EFF just released the first detailed policy implementation of Do Not Track (DNT) as a Web privacy opt-out. We’ve also created a less technical guideline to the policy. 

DNT is a browser setting available in popular browsers. When activated, it signals to websites that the user does not consent to tracking. EFF’s Do Not Track policy is both a rules-of-the-road for services that want to treat users' data respectfully and the logical engine behind our new anti-tracker plug-in, Privacy Badger. When a user turns on DNT—signaling that she doesn’t want her browsing activities tracked—compliant service providers agree to turn off much of their tracking capabilities. Our policy explains how those service providers should act. 


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 CSB    1,660

Good suggestion . I have been doing this for a long time on FireFox and to I run add block 


And a good VPN or Virtual Private Network for some cases where I want to explore sites from other countries or with in the deep dark spooky web . 

My grand father said to keep your enemy close baffle them with bull shit to keep them confused . 


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