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Fourth echelon

no! not kashi cereal my favorite of all time

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Tests Show “Healthy” Kashi GoLean Cereal Has Six Times More Glyphosate Than Kellogg’s Fruit Loops

Even with food that is marketed as “healthy” sometimes you truly never know what you are actually getting. Last year, GMO Free USA released a study showing that some of the top cereal brands in the industry were made from 100% genetically modified corn and contained dangerous levels of glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the toxic chemical that is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp. The chemical has been causing controversy worldwide since a report indicated that it is cancerous.

In the tests, Kellogg’s Fruit Loops were shown as the least healthy cereal, but now GMO Free USA has turned their attention towards brands that are more well known for being healthy, and the results are very alarming.

When testing Kashi’s new cereal “GoLean” they found that the product is actually worse than Fruit Loops, containing over 6 times more glyphosate. The tests also found that the Kashi cereal, while not being 100% GMO, was still more than half GMO.




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 YourMom2    1,270

Kashi was under fire two years ago for GMOs in their products. Corporate food cannot be trusted even if it claims to be organic.

Sadly though, the Kashi brand, part of the Kellogg's company, has waged war against the consumer's right to know. Kashi spent nearly $800,000 fighting Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative for GMO labeling. Kashi was part of a $46 million campaign to silence the consumer's right to know.


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