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5 Reasons Why Vitaminwater Might Be Just as Bad for You as Coke

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A beverage called Vitaminwater has been very popular in recent years. It contains added vitamins and minerals, and is marketed as healthy.

However, what is left out of the marketing claims, is that Vitaminwater is loaded with added sugar.

As you may know, sugar can cause severe harm when consumed in excess.

Additionally, almost no one actually needs more of the nutrients added to Vitaminwater.

This article lists 5 reasons why Vitaminwater is actually bad for your health.

What is Vitaminwater?

Vitaminwater is a beverage brand owned by the Coca-Cola company.

There are many varieties, each with an attractive name like “focus,” “endurance,” “refresh,” “defense” and “essential.”

As is reflected in the name, it is water that is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is also claimed to contain natural colors and flavors.

However, Vitaminwater is also loaded with added sugar, particularly fructose, which is linked to all sorts of health problems when consumed in excess.

Vitaminwater also has a “Zero” product line, with no added sugar. Instead, it is sweetened with erythritol and a refined sweet compound extracted from the stevia plant. The first three reasons do not apply to Vitaminwater Zero.


we love drinking vitaminwater. my fave is focus and revive..sweet yes, but goes great with spicy foods

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i chug about 6 bottles of water per day. i have hypotension.. and staying hydrated helps to keep me from having vertigo-like episodes. plus! we recycle the bottles and get some money in return

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 Cinnamon    24,653

All of this stuff has so much sugar in it, it makes you sick and fat. Gatorade is really bad. It's like 2.5 servings instead of 1 serving per bottle. So you have to multiply the calories by that to know how much you're getting.

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