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Fox 'News' Michelle Fields: Eliminate Social Security Completely

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Michelle Fields gained notoriety by offending Matt Damon and mostly all educators in this interview. So of course, Fox 'News' scooped her up for her wisdom and insight. Why not ask this genius what she thinks about Social Security? After the crazy talk during Thursday night's Fox News GOP Debate, the Cashin' In crew decided to tackle the nontroversy. But one emerged as the craziest of the crazy.

'I think we should completely eliminate Social Security. I think it's unfair to young people, they're taking money from young people who are poor, who could invest and buy a home, and giving it to a lot of people who don't actually need Social Security...We shouldn't simply give money to people because they are old.'


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 CSB    2,160

I paid into Social Security for 35 years so I could have a retirement income if all else fails . Its my money and I want it . As for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability  I say give it to those that really really need it like in missing or malfunctioning body parts only and then to only those that have paid in for a time in years . ssi and ssd on the most part are bull shit I see people collecting and still working under the table and at the same time getting all kinds of state and federal assistances . It pisses me off !

I had to get sick ( autoimmune disease and then Colitis ) I was in bed for months at 58 years old . I had to fight for my full Social Security retirement and I got it .. Its a good thing that I know the corruptions in the SS system . I ate the judge for lunch .   

added note

People need to understand Social Security is a investment and if they want anyone can opt out at anytime where a employer will do so but in most cases it is difficult with out knowing the proper procedures . No one has paid my way to my SS retirement I paid it all at my choice .

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