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Megyn Kelly replaces Trump as RedState keynote

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ATLANTA, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- Fox News host Megyn Kelly will replace Donald Trump as a keynote speaker at the Saturday night gather hosted by conservative news outlet RedState.

The event's head, Erick Erickson announced Friday he rescinded Trump's invitation due to comments made to CNN that seemed to imply Kelly was menstruating during Thursday's GOP debate.

In an interview with Don Lemon on CNN Tonight, Trump criticized Fox News' governing of the GOP debate -- which became the most-watched cable event in history -- calling questions asked "ridiculous" and Kelly "off-base."

"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes," Trump said of the conservative political commentator, "blood coming out of her wherever."

During the debate, Kelly posed a question confronting Trump's history of sexist slurs, to which he responded political correctness was the country's "issue," and he "frankly" doesn't have time for it.


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 First off let me state I would not vote for Trump.  But I am completely offended by fox's  obvious position in the debate.  They took it upon themselves to influence the American public with biased questions towards candidates they disapproved of.   They engineered the confrontation between Christie and Paul.  I watch the whole debate and you could see the venom Megan had in her eyes for Trump.  She planned on teaching him a lesson  and failed .


 You should've watch the anti-Trump  discussion on Fox afterwords. It was slanted against him completely and I am offended that a news channel would take a position .  They soft-pedaled the candidates they liked and hardballed the  ones they didn't .


 The only time a candidate was corrected by any moderator was when Trump cracked a joke .  I noticed they did not do that to Ben Carson when he cracked a couple jokes.


I "Stand With Rand"  but am offended that a media outlet would try to influence the presidential debate .  I use the word debate loosely because it was obviously ambush journalism .  And despite all poll numbers all the media outlets are pushing this.   I think the Republican Party should refuse to do any more debates hosted by media channels .

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