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The floodgates open and while America drowns in foreign labor Bad Barry and the Puppeteers play the death march.

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 WhiteHorse    490

I'm all for helping my neighbor out but when it comes to a point that everyone is flailing in the water one has to come to their senses or everyone drowns. I commented about a week ago that the Us forest service shut down our local public grasslands due to flooding and the damage to roads. In the 30 years i have been enjoying the fishing and hiking they have never closed any of the grasslands or blocked access and it has flooded and washed roads before. Now 3 months later they say they can't afford to fix the roads. Our country is bleeding to death and not even a bandaid is being thrown at the wound. We can not afford to keep our countries national forest or even our infrastructure intact but we can afford to let the influx of foreigners in who most cases don't have to meet tax base requirements because of citizenship. If there isn't a conspiracy to destabilize this country then it's a well proven fact.


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I know I should be doing something about this, but it leaves me so little time for something I've been needing to do for quite some time: I need to go retrain those "cattle guards".  If that doesn't spell martial law, I don't know what does.  Don't forget the land he just gave to the illegals (or maybe that's the same land you're referring to), that nobody can patrol as he lets them all in here.  But then they've taken in a record amount of revenues down at the IRS, and they still can't afford to do anything that they are supposed to be providing.  Maybe the money is going to all of this military industrial complex that Obozo is getting ready to dump on us.  Give the illegals free land, to roam free in the once land of the free, home of the brave, and put the rest of us under lock and key behind some boring looking high security fence wire. 

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