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Maxine Waters Is Connecting the Dots

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Quite a scientific phenomenon this one.. 

It is reported that she has no brain... Jip, she has a bug on an ice cream stick riding around her head in a mushy-goo.

The way this works is when someone asks a question, this bug rows on his ice cream stick to a specific hair-root and pulls it which then engages the mouth.

Sometimes the bug falls off the stick and swims in a circle trying to get his grip on the stick - in the process he loses his oars and in the effort of steadying himself he has to grip a hair-root or two.....the mouth responds with ..connect the dots, connect the dots, connect the dots...and eventually the bug is back o n the ice cream stick with his oars retrieved he rows to the next hair-instruction.. 

One day that bug is going to drown and they will have to put this old cow in a mental institution....:therapy:


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Posted (edited)

As out of touch with reality as Maxine waters is she's at best competing for the 2nd dumbest democrat representing the people in Washington D.C. behind Sheila Jackson Lee. Unfortunately Maxine is getting serious air play.. Stay Woke?...   They can't even Speak proper English! How can we as the people give any credibility in the Soap box these "cable news networks" give her.


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