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This is how far gone we really are

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 CSB    1,662

Our city police got new suv pig transports, our city now has a new over sized common core high school, looks like a FEMA building, we can't ride our bikes on the city side walks no more and you can't drink a beer in your own yard . You can't grow a small garden any more . We have fewer jobs here, two businesses that employed 1500 people have closed last week and not to forget the stores down town that have closed this summer . The only full time available jobs here are in law enforcement . The city streets are in really bad shape but we have fancy new stop lights with cams . And the list gos on .  

This town only has 22000 people and the racial tensions are going crazy and the illegals are moving in . Gun shots and fights every night .

I don't know how much money the city spent on repairing main street but it was done so that Hillary Clinton could have a smooth ride through town in her limo .




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