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Wikileaks Reveals Former FBI Director Mueller Gave Russia Uranium In 2009

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Fake news....scripted agitprop....fake soap opera dramas.......so, ahem.....uh......whose writing the script on all this?


All soap operas have directors, producers (they count the money), actors, and script writers (The Designated Survivor TV show featuring Keifer Sutherland.....what happened to the predictive programming meme?....was it used to fill in the blank spaces of a psy op to exploit the vulnerabilities of a targeted individual?....to discredit later as delusional: grandiose type?????!!!!).


What I've seen from punk public servants?....after 30 years of illegal gang stalking?



" exploitation" was one of the goals that showed up the torture contractor's notes??????? ( what is project slammer, and why did FBI-DOJ cover that up?).


Look at Gitmo photos?


This is how the average soldier thinks and embraces due process.

If you like being conned and used.......stay on the internet believing that real news is somewhere available.

You are all screwed animals in a zoo of your own making......"...and the hippos boiled in their tanks...".


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The book's title allegedly comes from a news broadcast, heard by Burroughs, about a fire at a circus during which the announcer broke into hysterics on reading the line, possibly the Hartford Circus Fire, which took place on July 6, 1944.

That was [from] a radio broadcast that came over when we were writing the book. There had been a circus fire and I remember this phrase came through on the radio: 'And the hippos were boiled in their tanks!' So we used that as the title.[3]

In a 1967 interview for The Paris Review, Kerouac agreed with the basis of the story but claimed the fire was at the London Zoo.[3]

However, in his afterword to the 2008 publication, James Grauerholz indicated that the origin of the title is unconfirmed and may have been related to a zoo incident in Egypt, or possibly even a fire that occurred at a circus.[3].....".

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