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Fourth echelon

North Korea's new time zone to break from 'imperialism'

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North Korea is to switch to a new time zone to mark its liberation from the Japanese at the end of World War Two, says state media.
North Korea is currently in the same time zone as South Korea and Japan, which are nine hours ahead of GMT.
But Pyongyang Time will see the clocks put back by 30 minutes on 15 August.
State news agency KCNA said "wicked Japanese imperialists" had "deprived Korea of even its standard time" by changing the clocks during occupation.
The entire Korean peninsula - then one country - was 8.5 hours ahead of GMT until Japan colonised it in 1910.
KCNA quoted officials as saying the decision to adopt Pyongyang Time reflected "the unshakeable faith and will of the service personnel and people on the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation".


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