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New research shows that torrent site proxies, which are often used to access blocked sites, are rife with malware and suspicious ads. From a sample of more than 6,000 sites more than 99% were found to insert their own code. According to researcher Gabor Szathmari some of these sites pose a great security risk.

In many countries including the UK, Italy, Denmark and France, the leading torrent sites are no longer freely accessible.

These court-ordered blockades requested by the music and movie industries are becoming widespread, but so are the tools to circumvent them.

For every domain name blocked, many proxies and mirrors emerge. These sites allow people to access the blocked sites and effectively bypass the restrictions put in place by the court.


if you value security as i do, rethink using tor prox method

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 Guitar Doc    1,571

I agree entirely.

But I would suggest it isn't hackers who are doing it. It is the Intelligent Agencies who are doing so in my opinion. The whole downloading scene has been used by them to gain intel on us as well as provide botnets for their cyber attacks.


A few years back I upset some people connected to intel through a well known CT site. They ate my PC and hard drive many times. In the end I purchased an anti-malware package and did my install off line (disconnected the ethernet) installed the OS then installed the anti-malware then hooked up the net. That is what it took in the end as they were hacking me as I was installing my EvilCorp OS (I use both Evil Corp OS and Linux on separate hard drives which are not allowed to connect to each other).


Before then when I was getting screwed I looked up to see (in the start up) what was taking over the PC and found a unique name. After a search it only came up with two search results, both on a Chinese site. After observing those sites I found Western Hackers were using Chinese sites to communicate with each other beneath the radar so to speak. I observed them for a few weeks (experimented with other HDDs in unprotected installations) as other extremely rare terms were executing operations on my PC and they to lead back to the same place. A place which looked on the surface to be a role playing D&D site in China with a game like Final Fantasy 7 sort of thing with Chinese themes.


I did a bit of homework after that. The Art of Hacking is not to break into someone's PC but to get them to install or download the rootkits etc themselves. The methods were mainly to use porn sites and file sharing sites.

I talked to a cousin who was in on the scene fringes. He showed me how people often just used a file they gave to someone saying it was a funny pic or gif. which wouldn't appear to work  and would cause them to restart their PC. As they are doing that an overlay would appear on my cousins PC revealing what they were looking at and also with tools to search the persons PC for passwords.


Today it is even worse. Links can be injected with trackers (aka JL who invented a lot of these for first market research for their silent partner Canadian Market Image who sells targeted advertising for anyone who wants to advertise on the net and later as part of TENA for intelligence gathering) and so can vids.


Don't click on links!

Don't click on vids on suspect CT sites as people are tracking you and infecting your PC using them.

My wife used to do LOPchat a bit. She is the more friendly of the two of us. One of her associates in LOPchat when he was pissed off with entropy would get Ent to click on a vid he had infected with code. He would then tell here every tab Ent had up and what else he was doing while being in LOPchat. Quite an eye opener.


It did occur to me when these copywrite post only 50% of an article laws were brought in the ulterior motive was to make people have to click the links. In doing so they could be infecting themselves with at least trackers. While we think we are protected by ghostery etc so we know what is infected and what is not we often find out the companies are well behind the curve of the hackers and it isn't until a couple of years later they realize they were missing some of what was going on.

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 rbear    240

These Ex-Israeli Surveillance Agents Hijack Your Browser To Profit From Ads

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