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Fourth echelon

Are hackers helping or harming us?

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Every week, almost every day, hackers are poking holes in the devices we carry, drive and use. Over the past couple of weeks the numbers and severity of the flaws these technical wizards have found have hit fever pitch.
They brought to light a security bug in almost one billion Android phones.
Then there was the car hack that led to 1.4 million vehicles being recalled for a software upgrade.
Don't forget the vulnerability found in an obscure bit of software that, if exploited, could have shut down big chunks of the net. We've also have emergency patches for Windows and Flash.

That's a lot. Is that all?
Nope. There's more. At least 32 previously unknown vulnerabilities will be aired at the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas. More will come from the other big hacker conference, Def Con, that is also held in Vegas this week. Some of those bugs have been found in control systems for factories, power plants and other key installations.


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