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DOOM BREAK LOUNGE - Post some comedy to watch

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I'm stealing the name of a topic that I believe was started by @Condor who posted some comedy. 

I thought to myself that we need a dumping ground for some comedy to lift the spirit.  I'm also doing this because I've been away from the CT crowd for some time lately because I have been taking care of a dear and close mother figure who has debilitating cancer.  It is taking all of me lately to not only live with the day to day bullshit that is happening all around us, but also trying to help someone who is in severe pain and fearing for their life (whom also just lost her husband 4 months ago to ALS). 

I'm not here to gather sympathy, I'm here because I feel I'm not the only one going through this, whether it's sickness, financial strain, emotional breakdowns, stress, you name, a lot of us feel it.  To steal a lyric from Eminem; These times are so hard, and they're getting even harder.

So, I've had to remove myself lately from the forum (mostly from a time constraint as well).  I linger and poke in occasionally, doing what I can to help out a bit, and staying abreast to what's happening.  And more than anything I appreciate that and all of you who do a great job of supplying the juice.  I also notice not a lot of moderating to be had (from my p.o.v. that is, I'm sure the awesome admins are working tirelessly as always to make this space is kept clean).  I wish I could help more, but it also goes to show how awesome this community is as well.  Thank you, all of you.

My full and 100% purpose lately has been to invite the positive into my life, hers, and her family who is deeply worried and stressed beyond belief.  It's actually helped me quite a lot to release my own bit of stress and negativity.  So, with that being said, I'm going to search for some good comedy videos and audio that I can share with her when we are taking trips to the Dr. and to play when she is weeping on her needs and begging God to take the pain away.  I invite you to share your favorites as well that I can possibly use, or that you just enjoy, and that this whole community can use to take a break once and while from the mess that surrounds the world.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Let's heal everyone together.

This guy cracks me up
{sound and video is a bit off}


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Ah doom breaks! Great! I think it would do well for for people to relax!

But I do think people will reach a certain point in which they learn to function under such intense doom. Mainly because it does not seem to be letting up


On a personal note in reference to your personal problems. You are doing what is required of you in real life. Where it matters. You do what you gotta do man. And we're here for you if you need it :p

I know you are not looking for sympathy so I won't chuck it at you. BUT I will however spend the next 5 minutes sending you some good fricken vibes.

- I'll also add to the thread. This is comedy but its brit comedy :p and its musical!

My favorite is at 5:12 :D the biscuit song!

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7 minutes ago, LuckyBolt said:

:blink::blink::blink: what did I just watch?

Well this is technically what they pounded me with as a teen! On TV! and people wonder why things are the way they are here with the youth... IT IS 3x maybe 4x worse than this now :) well.... in terms of the behavior portrayed!

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