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Night Vision and the Heavens

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 WhiteHorse    490

One of my favorite pastimes is looking at the heavens with passive infrared night vision. I purchased a set of pvs-7 goggles for predator hunting several years ago and the first time I looked up at the stars I was hooked. There is a density of stars that cannot be seen with a regular telescope that can be seen with passive infrared. I have seen a lot of meteors, satellites, and other things I can't explain. But I have noticed in the last couple of years there are lot more things moving than I have seen in the previous years. Last night I saw one high altitude object after another. Back when I had the time I kept track with listed satellite orbits so when I saw something odd, something with intermittent light I would know if it was space trash or what ever. I know there are lot of secret satellites and toys up there they don't tell us about. But man I have seen lots of things that crisscross the earth at every angle imaginable. If you have a night vision device or know someone who does look up at the heavens and see what your missing. 

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