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Fourth echelon

Cecil Was One of Us. No, Wait, He Was Just a Lion.

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The irrational, overly-emotional and childlike reaction to the killing of a lion in Africa is another example of why Americans will be forever in the dark about what’s important in the world and what’s not. It’s these kinds of silly, irrelevant stories that especially gets the lip-quivering left up in arms and unfortunately dominates the news for weeks at a time. It’s another low-IQ type of story that distracts and misdirects.

It has become a typical “progressive” reaction in the West. Indignation and outrage, calls for “something” to be done and sometimes, in this case literally, the guilty party be fed to the lions. We get similar reactions with “sweatshops.” You know, non-union wage earners, some of which might be “children,” making far less per hour than Americans. The self-righteous crusading crowd goes on an emotional rampage demanding that Americans boycott these products and, that failing, pressures government to embargo the country’s imports. Blah, blah, blah.

People that make this argument ignore economics and the needs of the people affected by the, “I need to feel warm and fuzzy inside so I’m going to ‘do something’ that makes me feel important and caring,” activities.

The wage argument really is an example of that old adage, comparing apples and oranges. You can’t just look at hourly wages and on that basis screech “Unfair!”. There’s more to it than that. Ah, but that requires thinking through the argument and that might compromise the good feeling one gets from “doing something” and demanding “change” or, even better, “action.”

Then there’s the impact on the people who would lose their jobs as a result of extremely ignorant but supposedly well-meaning progressives acting to assuage their own intellectually-vacuous guilty conscience. Putting people out of work in developing countries will never earn progressives their gratitude. Oh well. At least well-fed liberals will feel better about themselves, and that’s what matters most.



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 YourMom2    1,354

Cecil was more like a lab rat. He'd been tagged by the Wildlife Unit of Oxford University in the UK and was the subject of research for over a decade. It's amazing that researchers didn't do him in before the dentist got there.

Meanwhile, on other continents researchers study livestock to see how they hold up to fracking chemicals in the water or air. Dead cows aren't as cool as dead lions unless they were dissected by aliens, of course.

Among the case studies uncovered were 17 cows that died of suspected respiratory failure after exposure to spilled frack fluid in Louisiana, and around 70 in Pennsylvania that died after 140 of them were reportedly exposed to frack wastewater – of the survivors, less than a dozen produced calves, only three of which survived.


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 CSB    2,170

It's sad that Cecil was murdered but what should be the real issue is all the people being killed and abortions for profit .

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 Lucy Barnable    5,365

Africans kill and sometimes eat those animals all the time.

Robert Mugabe eats a zoo for 'obscene' 91st birthday party

Robert Mugabe isn't known for his subdued taste, and his million-dollar birthday was just as extravagant as people have come to expect.
His guests were fed a young elephant, and two buffaloes, two sables and five impalas were also donated to the president by a local landowner. He also threw in a lion and a crocodile to be stuffed as an extra gift for Mugabe. On top of this, 40 cows were offered to the president by two members of his government. A second elephant is going to be shot and given to the Victoria Falls community.


Meanwhile in Chicago...
At least 284 homicides this year.

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