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CIA Drone Kills Adam “Gadahn”, but What About Adam “Pearlman”?

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 Talon    716



Obama announced today that a CIA drone strike in Pakistan last January killed one American and an Italian hostage by accident. He had a press conference and broke in to broadcast television to take “full responsibility” for the “accidental” deaths. But what was missed by many, and mainly because Obama chose to focus little attention on it, is the news that Obama also chose to “declassify” the death of “Al Qaeda terrorist” Adam Gadahn, also by a CIA drone strike but in a “separate operation“.

Why was so little fanfare given to Gadahn’s murder by CIA drone strike in this “separate (deliberate) operation?” Perhaps it’s because Gadahn is really Adam Pearlman, a Mossad asset and the son of a prominent Jewish businessman.

Truth is stranger than fiction, friends. And the CIA cleared the books today on intelligence asset Gadahn. So the question remains: Where is Adam Pearlman?


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Intersting story, Talon.

The War on Terror is a NWO strategy that kills many young men who think they're fighting for a just cause. Or, some fighters are mercenaries or suckers who participate in events like 911, the Boston bombing, etc. 

Rothschild Zionists own the world's governments. The CIA runs drugs, weapons and ammo to terrorists, and child victims for sananist pedophiles.

The truth is there for the looking. But few are looking




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