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Everyone's Got The Kale Poisoning 'Study' All Wrong

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Anyone who regularly makes a green smoothie for breakfast was likely alarmed a few weeks ago to see headlines like “Sorry, Foodies: We’re About To Ruin Kale” and “People Are Getting Seriously Sick From Eating Kale” from acclaimed and highly critical news outlets Mother Jones and Harper's Bazaar.

These articles were not based on forthcoming peer-reviewed research or new government guidelines. Instead, they were aggregations of a feature story from Craftsmanship, a magazine about handmade objects and their makers, that chronicled the small-scale private experiments of Ernie Hubbard.

Hubbard, an unaffiliated scientist from Marin, California, who works at an alternative health clinic, has been testing local kale and soil and has arrived at the conclusion that the cruciferous vegetable's ability to “hyperaccumulate” the heavy metal thallium is posing a health risk to his community.

Hubbard tested levels of thallium in vegetable samples and in the urine of people from Marin -- a bastion for farmer's market fans -- who have complained of things like fatigue, brain fogginess and nausea. The symptoms are signs, he said, that they may be experiencing low-level heavy metal poisoning.


mmm i wouldnt mind a crispy kale, jicama and shredded raw sweet potato salad right meow


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