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Fourth echelon

These Stunning Images Will Take You On A Journey Through The Brain

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Harvard University scientists have discovered a new world of mystery and complexity at the micro level of the brain.

A new study authored by molecular biologist Dr. Jeff Lichtman and his colleagues and published last week in the journal Cell offers a glimpse inside the neurons of a mouse's brain in unprecedented detail.

Lichtman told The Huffington Post that 20 scientists worked on the six-year project, with the aim of developing high-resolution images of the animal's brain in an effort to better understand this complex organ.

The scientists developed technologies that created digital models of the actual brain tissue of mice, allowing researchers to examine its detailed structural organization.




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 YourMom2    1,274

Cool graphics but what does a mouse think about? Did they map the cheese center? I guess it's better to spend 6 years in the lab rather than on the golf course.


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