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Fourth echelon

We Ate (and Ranked) Everything on McDonald's Secret Menu

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Recently, a Redditor claiming to be a McDonald's shift manager in Scotland confirmed that the long-rumored McDonald's secret menu is, in fact, real. And it's simpler than we thought -- though the Internet has popularized countless "secret menu" names (like the unfortunate "McGangBang"), the manager said names aren't necessary, and it's as easy as swapping ingredients in and out to customize your "secret" order.

Still, when I set out to order everything on the McDonald's secret menu (with items collected from Twitter, Instagram, and #Hackthemenu), I started with the names to see if the employees recognized them. If they didn't, I went ahead and described the item to them. It's worth noting that out of the 10 items ordered, six had to be assembled by me. Basically, any order that's too off-menu will have to be DIY. But make no mistake, they will make you that Big Mac with eight patties.


though i love mcdonalds burgers, the images depicted make them look very unappitizing

puking on screen smiley


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 Malevolent    2,144

McDonald's is the only company where the cardboard advertising signs are more appetizing than the food.  The hygiene is questionable to say the least.  But, to each his own I suppose!  I do not eat ANY fast foods or any processed meats or cheese!

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