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sir david attenborough, lizard king

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Scientists name lizard species after Sir David Attenborough

ACTON, Australia, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- A new brightly colored flat lizard species has been discovered in South Africa. The scientists describing the newly identified creature have decided to name it after naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

The newly named species is Platysaurus attenboroughi. Flat lizards are a genus of the Cordylidae family, a family whose species are found only in Africa. They're named for their unique body shape, which allow them to squeeze into the smallest of crevices to escape hungry pursuers.

Most members of the Cordylidae family birth live young and are a dull black or brown. Flat lizards lay eggs and boast various combinations of bright colors.

Researchers from the Australian National University spent time with Attenborough in South Africa's Augrabies Falls National Park during the filming of a nature documentary focusing on flat lizards.



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