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Shocking Truth: Who Runs The Illuminati

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 AnonG    25


The infamous elite group known as the Illuminati perminates all of our history and culture.

A worldwide organization, that controls the economy, education, religion, and politics.

They seep through the pores of history as the successful and rich.

Who actually runs the Illuminati?  

Who is the mast puppeteer who controls it all?

In the videos below, we will examine the myths and truths worlds leaders and the Illuminati, how to illuminate the Illuminati and a very special insider story about their brainwashing techniques they apply until the day of today.

Where we are going to find out who is on top of the pyramid.

More with Videos http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/08/shocking-truth-who-runs-the-illuminati-videos-3194030.html

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it's: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try and take over the world!"

Maybe I should have just left it up to the other clip to speak for itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHn0pBePN7I

While I was posting that, I came across this video that seems to break down the words Jade Helm into something that actually might start to make sense:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JOL6KAbdzU He might be onto something, but I theorize that Jade = "without reason" Helm="guiding something like with a rudder" might also be a possibility.  The idea that this military exercise is to the public eye being senselessly conducted, with major movements across the country, being a force that the public can't fight stands to reason against an oxymoron like military intelligence.  There was talk that this was started to verge on violating the Third Amendment's quartering of troops.  The military does do things in a timely manner to which the elites will be expecting to use if they are to succeed.  The shoe that is cleverly hidden in the logo was a sabot, which is where sabotage comes from.  Doing something without reason usually does result in some kind of destruction even if it is collateral damage.  "Mastering the human domain" would be all things under the umbrella of being able to accomplish the goal. 

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 CSB    2,160

David Icke could be right its Reptilians and maybe even from the Hollow Earth .

Way not ? Truth is stranger than fiction .

Pinky and the Brain  LMAO  :fshit:

I really don't care who over sees the Illuminati all I know is that they need to be stopped now before we humans and smileys become planet food or reptilian TV snacks ! 

 Who ever they are reptilians fallen angles, demons, Satan or just greedy old asses seeking power . It must stop now .

Help pay my way and I will bring their heads back in a sack .



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