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Precognition and the Non Ordinary Dream: NASA

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I had a dream about the February 1, 2003 Columbia tragedy before it happened. I didn't recall having had this dream until after I saw the tragedy on CNN. Within this dream I saw an archetypal image of a looming UFO up in the sky above the trees behind my house. I was then turned 90 degrees to my left parallel to the back of my house and looking up I could see the NASA space shuttle in orbit as if with a telescopic view. My attention was then turned off to the right of the NASA space shuttle at the distant stars in the background of space. Some of these stars rushed forward and quickly assembled into a large cargo net which quickly rushed off and through the NASA space shuttle as if carrying away the spy satellite in the cargo bay area of the NASA space shuttle which was supposed to be used to spy on Russia. If you would like to see video of what I just described you can go to youtube NASA wtf did you do to piss off E.T. About week after having had this dream a synchronicity occurred to me to get out my binoculars and go look in a particular direction of the sky and when I did I saw a metal sphere UFO 

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Sorry, OP, no disrespect intended but I have to agree with Jibby.  A spacecraft blew up. I was home at the time and in the area where wreckage was estimated to fall . I stayed outside a long time expecting to see a debris trail or smoke. Nothing.

NASA began in 1958 with scientists who were "paper-clipped" from Nazi Germany.  In 11 years we went from zero to men on the moon. I wish everyone would think about that time frame and then look at photos of the purported Apollo missions. Google "moon landing hoax" or other wording and research the many suspicions regarding the various missions.

I fought the idea for years, went back and forth, and finally concluded the whole thing was a sham, a scam,  a lie, a criminal act against the US and the world. That's what brought me to ct forums. 

I remember when "The Naked Ape" was first published. Yes, I am old. I was in college, had no money, but managed to scrape together the money to buy a copy, which I still have. It proved to me that Darwinism was wrong, or even worse,  a lie presented as fact.

Science, Religion, History, Politics, other Status Quo hierarchies know exactly what they're doing. They keep us blindfolded in the dark. They try to gag us too. 

We don't know who we are, where we came from, or where we're going. A lot of people are perfectly happy to live like that. Why? I wish I knew. It beats the hell out of me.

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