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Deadly asbestos blocks the size of a brick 'were accidentally dumped at Stonehenge visitor centre'

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Brick-sized lumps of asbestos were accidentally brought to Stonehenge as part of work on its news £27 million visitors centre, it has been reported.

English Heritage say they have launched an investigation into the claim that topsoil used on the site was tainted with the potentially harmful substance.

The earth was being used to return a section of road next to the tourist attraction to chalk grassland and was provided by a sub contractor. 

There was a massive disagreement between English Heritage and the engineering firms involved because it caused a lot of hold-ups.'

English Heritage said that they became concerned about the 'standard' of topsoil being used during an inspection of the now closed A344.

As a result the earth was removed overnight to avoid any inconvenience to the 1.3 million people who visit the Wiltshire attraction each year. 

Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring minerals. Prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibers can trigger serious and fatal illnesses including malignant lung cancer, Asbestosis and mesothelioma.

The most common diseases from asbestos are asbestosis and pleural abnormalities.

These diseases can emerge decades after exposure has ended.

People who become ill from asbestos have generally been regularly exposed in a job where they worked directly with the material, such as miners and roof mechanics.

Asbestos-related diseases have also been commonly diagnosed in these workers' family members, and in residents who live close to asbestos mines or plants.



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