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Good CT vs Bad CT

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls, we bring you the greatest show on earth. All our acts are amazing, spectacular, and awesome. You won't believe your eyes. Tell your friends what you see and encourage them to come and see three giant rings full of entertainment. You'll see fantastic high-wire acts,  lion-tamers, unbelievable jugglers tossing fiery batons, incredible feats of strength, dog-and-pony tricks, and other thrills. How about all those clowns in their little cars? Aren't they high-larious!

Don't forget to catch the freaks in our side show. And get yer popcorn here, some hot dogs and candy for the kids.

And that, dear friends, is how it's done. The Big Circus, also known as the real world.

Ah, but you say you don't fall for the hype? You know what's real and what's fake?

How about carnival rides? Which ones do you get on (good) and which ones do you stay off of (bad) because it makes you sick to even think about them? 

  • The New World Order, Illumimati, Bilderburgers, Zionists, propaganda in media
  • Terrorism -- natural or CIA black ops, 911 attack, shootings, mind control, 
  • Politics -- 2 separate and distinct parties, honest politicians, voting booths
  • Agriculture -- genetic-modification of food, chemicals to produce food, labels
  • Abortion -- pro-choice, pro-life, selling of parts from fetuses
  • Medicine -- vaccines, antibiotics, natural cures
  • Science -- manmade climate change, moon landings, round earth, ISS (International Space Station)


Connect battery. OK, will submit topic now and check back later. :bananallama:



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