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Fourth echelon

Cecil the Lion Ranks Higher Than Planned Parenthood’s Baby Holocaust

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"Only one good thing comes out of this. Thousands of people have read the story and have also been shocked. Their eyes opened to the dark side of human nature.” This statement wasn’t made about Planned Parenthood, the baby-murdering organization recently discovered to have been trafficking human body parts for money. Rather, made by famed primatologist Jane Goodall, the remark referenced the killing of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion by Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer. And whether or not the lion’s death will open eyes, it certainly is reaching more eyes than Planned Parenthood’s trespasses — thanks to our media.



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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

Alot of Americans are fed up with their tax money being spent frivolously.

Some people don't even realize that their tax dollars are contributed to the eugenics community.

After more information comes to the surface people may begin to start pulling out the sharp and pointy things.

As for the lion,

It's Africa right? What else would it have anticipated?

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