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Manning The South Is Locked And Loaded and Way the Admiralty flag

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 CSB    1,664

 Pastor Manning tells it all like it is when it comes to the agendas of the elites; he pulls no punches . But his message is only part of way I am posting this video here . I know the one flag behind him to the left in this video is the flag of Admiralty law or Maritime of Great Britain that is the American flag with the gold fringe . But the other flag I can't I identify it, maybe a state flag with a gold fringe I don't know because I can only see part of it .. Maybe someone here can identify it .

Mannings message in this video is vary good its worth the time to listen; but I am wondering way the Admiralty flag ? Where was this video made in a church ? or a government building ? If its in a church that would be illegal to display a Admiralty flag; that I know . A Admiralty flag is only to fly with in a government building and never flown out side . So with all that being said . It looks like Pastor Manning is speaking from a government building . Way ????  



This is The Manning Report website its base in in New York http://atlah.org/contact-us/

The second flag is not the NY state flag and to the second flag is not the North Carolina state flag it is illegal to have gold fringe on a state flag .. The flag on the picture at the start of the video is the NY state flag .

I can see where I am going to be digging deeper into this . I need to know if Manning is speaking from a government building and way ..


Its time to get into my Dick Tracy gear and accessories .https://ernestoplopes.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/emoticon-spy.jpg?w=700



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