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Video - 5 Minutes Of The Greatest Truth Never Told

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 CSB    2,162

Brothers and sisters !!

Conspiracy or not; forget all that for one minute as you read these words .

I have made it clear in posts that I am not a religions person . I have never joined a religious club or a political ideologues, but one thing I know is that there is a higher power above humanity who ever or what ever it is; its real, call it what you like . But for now lets just call this higher power God . And God has a agenda too .

There is only one single, universal thing at hand that counts, even against a thousand conspiracies of this nation's government and all else...That is, God's determination to destroy this nation America along with others, The machine's arrogant, proud power of agenda after agenda in which they think they can control all things and all people; they do not realize, God controls all of them !

No matter what you keep track of; if you lose track of this one most important single item of God's sole determination against all this sin, sex sin, perversions, wicked, lying of the carnal soul of men and governments; then one has nothing .

God's determined Mind will wipe out all of this pride and agendas, but not only that, He will wipe out all the false hopes of lip-professing Christians and other religions who thought they were different and would escape the worst of the worst . They will be swept away with all the lying shit of false voices and evil governments and everything else. Even those who thought they were prepared to be self-sufficient when the day of trouble comes; if they are not in accordance to the will of their God and His Eternal Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and Statutes of Heaven's Altar of Love, Mercy and Grace they and all their supposed false hopes in a carnal religion, sports worship, cultural political worship and all, will be blown away with all the evils of this world . And to fear is the tool of the oppressor in any language religions ideologues or political ideals; Fear has only one enemy Faith  

And to those that say there is no God or higher authority I will leave this 

If you are bothered by the idea that you can't possibly believe in a God, a higher authority of miracles, mysteries, or divine love and realize, there are no physics, there is no science, which does not first require you to believe the incredible.

Just saying CSB

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 rbear    240

Good video. I know its promoting silver and stuff. I too am being overwhelmed reading all day, countering the propeganda, much to the point its a 12 hour or more job. Now its going on 20 hours for me. Yesterday and many days before it was 16 hours. I don't feel I am gaining any ground. Tomorrow it will be another day etc. I think after a day or so I will try to enjoy some time spending time with friends instead as I am the only one of them missing out. I can say I am doing Gods work or he works through me, but at the same time, hes still going to knock all this stuff down one day so idk. He sure takes his time though and allows so many terrible things to happen, over and over again.

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