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Prankissive demonstration against Russian embassies and consulates

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 The following is a link to every available Russian embassy and consulate in the United States of America . 

What they are doing in the Ukraine with the illegal annexation of the crimea and the backing of separative rebels  Is no different.  The Prankissive  resistant movement  holds no national boundaries. If you don't like Americans politics do the same. 


 This is not a call to violence by any means .  This is the prankissive (  if I  make coin a new word )  resistance  movement .

 Get out your flaming bags of dog poop .

Rolls of toilet paper.

 Ring the buzzer at their embassies and runaway .


 Lets show them what America is made of we can protest and laugh at them at the same time .


 I call for all  Americans  to join the praknssive  resistance movement ! 




 I even have a theme song in mind .

 "Remember if only one person does it they might think you're sick, if two people in harmony do it they might think you're gay, if three people do it they might think it's an organization and a 50 people do it they might think it's a movement" .


 And before anybody ask yes I've had a couple beers tonight ! ?

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