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Defense Brief Denied Innocent Boston Unbombing Patsy By Nazi Tribunal

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PLEASE NOTE ORIGINAL POST DATE>>> Posted: April 21, 2013 1:36:30 pm <<<THANKS

Never knew so many were unthinking bleeding hearts prone to propaganda.

Those who do not fall into that category have my humblest apologies.

As an old timer I well remember the false flags of Pearl Harbor, Bay Of Tonkin, 911 plus countless others.

Boston bombing has more layers of official lies than any onion.

I hung head as I listened to official fairy tale being made up on fly by (now fired-disgraced) Lying Williams.

Then I did a little bit of research since I know all ObaMedia reports as news is sheer propaganda.

The scenario is straight out of the Dallas, Texas conspiracy propaganda ledger.

For those young readers I refer to John Kennedy assassination.

Lee Oswald was set up in advance. These two young boys were set up in advance.

Oswald told cover story lie. These guys told cover story lie.

Oswald branded cop killer. These guys branded cop killer (guard same thing).

Oswald found guilty by Lyndon Johnson controlled press. These guys found guilty by ObaMedia.

Desperate Oswald gave up cab to elderly lady. Guys murdered guard but allowed driver to go free.

Oswald trapped in theater where he was supposed to die. One guy was murdered but other beat odds.

Oswald painted as Communist. Boys said to be extremists from Russia.

Feds monitored JFK murder scene throughout. Feds monitored bombing throughout.

Only Oswald focus on investigation. Only boys said to be suspects.

Oswald murdered to keep him quiet. One guy murdered with other in unfriendly fed custody.

Oswald framed by government and media. Boys framed by government and media.

One issue really steams me which semi intelligent people should question.

Guy was bleeding to death under tarp in boat right?

How could he fire zillions of rounds at law, lob grenades and set off explosions?

How did suspects haul around all those (heavy pressure cooker) bombs while on run?

How did a lone suspect on foot escape a circle of lawmen?

Notice how suspect is being kept quiet and under damage control? Allowed no defense by tribunal.

Will be surprised if he does not die from wounds or is suicided. Verdict of guilty with death sentence.

Know for a fact that boy was uninjured when he came out of that boat!

Wound was inflicted while helpless victim handcuffed and at mercy of Gestapo.

Boston STRONG?

Boston Wrong!

Damn cowards.

For the love of God people think!

That is what God gave you brains for.

God bless.



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 rbear    240

Yes what op said is all true. I witnessed all of it and the dissection of it also. It was a false flag.

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