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Massive 'carbon sinks' detected beneath world's deserts

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URUMQI, China, July 28 (UPI) -- Keeping track of CO2 isn't easy. It's everywhere.

Most of the carbon dioxide released into the air by humans (roughly 70 percent) ends up in the atmosphere or the ocean, but the greenhouse gas is also soaked up by plant life. But plants can't account for all the missing gas.

New research suggests aquifers flowing beneath the world's deserts are hiding away large amounts of CO2. According to the new study, these "carbon sinks" may hold more carbon than all the planet's plants combined.

A team of international researchers suggest the process by which carbon makes its way into large underground pools was accelerated by the advent of large-scale farming some 2,000 years ago. Crops absorb carbon from the atmosphere. From there, the carbon is leeched into the soil and ultimately the groundwater below.



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 rbear    240

Well the elite want everyone to buy carbon credits, while they offset their carbon deposits by trading these carbon credits and rigging the system. Other than this atm, I can't add any more to this. Its basically the same as the derivative scam from my understanding what they want to do, besides maybe it will have a slight positive effect. Basically what it boils down to, as said long ago by many, they want to charge you to breathe.  

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 MFWIC    6

Nothing says scam like the belief that any biological system wouldn't have means for dealing with the sixth most common element in the universe, if it was harmful to said system.

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