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Human Universe Theory

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 Ukshep    12,965

  The Human Universe Theory 

In simple terms the Human Universe Theory is the theory that that everything you see in the universe is present on a larger scale inside of another entity and on a smaller scale within yourself and you are by definition living within a much larger entity, who also lives within another entity.

This can be backed up by the theory of the big bang, Which says a large expansion of matter started after an explosion which ties in nicely with the biological facts of life and how a sperm enters an egg and the explosion of life begins, with cells continuing to expand as time goes on. until they reach an adult age.

  Theoretical Explanation via a Story 

You spend the night in with your partner, You both talk to each other with love and emotion. You reach in to kiss your partner but they pull away only allowing you to catch their lip with your teeth, they pull you towards the bedroom and a night of passions follows.

From here we delve into the mystery that is the Human Universe, A Dark Void which is cold and unending is suddenly lit with a ball of light, blinking in the darkness with the sweet sound of music playing alongside, This ball of light gives of a intense energy that vibrates the very space it occupies.

BANG!! BOOM!! Zippity Zap, You zoom away and before your eyes, million upon millions of galaxies and stars are being flung out in front of you, You have just witnessed conception on a scale so small no one knows it exists yet, You have witnessed the Human Universe Theory and have seen the truth for what it is, and you realize how small you are.

You take a long stroll around space, slowly making your way to a planet that has been in existence for what seems like a few hours to you, but in reality thousands of years have passed for that particle of energy which is affected by time in a different manner due to the micro/macro elements, Their perception of time is greatly slowed in comparison to yours.

You begin to zoom into this unknown civilization and you see they are a lot like yourself and your own civilization, You see them giving birth to children and building houses, you see them warring and destroying much like your own species.

The Human Universe is the theory that every planet is a living cell, and every cell within that is a living universe taking on more than a cell, the birth of new life is the birth of a new universe, the expansion of another universe is the growth of a newborn baby into adulthood and beyond on a scale that is inconceivable, you are inherently living within another being. who has millions of other universes living within it. Living inside of you!

People live, people die, but very few ever understand just how small a speck of dust they really are, It is said that God created us in his own image and that is why for every person on earth that image is different and valued because within ourselves we create our own graven images.

Some would ask how is consciousness able to exist, 9 months in the wombs gives us all a god figure who cares and creates us, Eventually we are let out on our own and we learn to live and thrive in our environment.


  Universal Bodies and their Roles 

Planets are the cells of our universe, Each is in different stages, some are barren, some are still forming, some have been long dead, those with life contain a barrier to the elements much like cells.

Asteroids and Comets are the carriers of material in our universe but within the human universe theory they are the carriers of not just material but change, look at them as the transport vessel for virus's and bacteria, some planets (aka cells) are able to resist and survive connections with these objects.

Suns act in a way that would allow them to not just be useful within our universe but within the human universe theory, based just on the characteristics, A sun pulls in small rocks and comets heating them to massive temperatures and acting as a sort of immune system much like the human body.

Space acts as a conduit for for everything within the human universe much like the human body, the matter of the human body that is and allows the transfer of electricity on a sub-level.

  How Can Consciousness Exist? 

Quite simple within the Human Universe Theory everything is connected via the conduit (aka space) and thus is charged electronically with energy, it is this energy that allows conscious thought, as well as the transit of conscious thoughts.

  If True then where in the body are we currently inhabiting? 

I strongly believe that if this theory is true, their is only one place that would make perfect sense and that is the Brain, if you take a microscopic look at the brain and then use our best telescopes to look at the universe, you start to see the similarity.

See Image for Example

It is this are that allows for all the connections and the correct environment for the human universe theory to solidly enter into the believable realm.

Each electrical impulse of the brain, each firing of the synapses can signify the changing universe, Supernova's and Blackholes as well as other Celestial bodies now gain a totally new meaning.

+ Want Something Expanding on Further, Let Me Know Below +

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Also look at the eyeball and the retina vs the sun and moon comparison. I've read about this and seen some posts on twitter before (some guy said asteroids were his poop, haha). This gets into some really complex existentialism and is very close to solipsism as well. @Rothbard ... Scientist love to use the big bang and big crunch theory to explain the universal nature of it's existence and destruction, but don't ask them what caused this cycle...they will change the subject. The big bang that created ME was my dad "banging" my mom and letting his "Milky Way" meet her Andromeda... heheh. (NO DISRESPECT MOM EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YOU DON'T READ THIS!). Which came first?

The term "I'm gonna bang this chick tonight" or "the big bang theory?" hmmm? 

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 Ukshep    12,965
2 minutes ago, Redorblue said:

Takes me back to childhood this. I do remember reading this outlined in a story in a Wierd Science/Amazing Stories type comic back in the sixties.

Nice to know someone else thought about it. I like to let my wander on things like this. keeping an open mind is key to becoming enlightened. it does need even need to be 100% provable. The process of imagination and questioning is the key to furthering ones own intelligence and awareness!

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