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That site gives me a horrible horrible vibe. Makes me my body start overwhelming with energy... close tab! freaky shit!

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11 minutes ago, ESET said:

Is this again project from BADSELFEATER or some copycat?

Inconclusive. At first it was alleged to be another Cicada puzzle. The original countdown date pointed to May 31 - June 1. The Liber Secundus video I determined to correspond to the constellation positions on the evening of May 31. There are tell tale signs that it is not Cicada. However, the whole matter continues to be elaborate. The best profile possibility I have so far is Martin Gala.

And to be quite honest, I don't even really care about  it. I sure didn't fall for the 'Spear of Destiny' nonsense that had gone on around it several weeks ago. The only reason it got my attention at all is because May 31 is Sukkot/Pentecost (i.e., Acts 2 being quoted in the original audio files). You may look yourself and you will see that Camelopardalis aligns with Libra etc on May 31.


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