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octopus prime

School Issued Computers Spying on Your Kids (And probably you)

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There was widespread outrage in 2010,when it was discovered that a Philadelphia school district had issued laptops to students with a very creepy function. 

Unbeknown to both students and parents, school officials had the ability to remotely access the webcams on the laptops, and spy on the students in their homes. 

Seven years later, school-issued computers are still spying on students, albeit in more subtle ways.

According to an investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a third of K-12 schools in the US are issuing free and low-cost computers to students. 

However, like most computer-based services that are supposedly free, there's a hidden cost.



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 radio doc    350

they should all be charged with pedophila! 

all it would take is one event where they saw a child naked.

child porn charges can be applied to the school as far as im concerned!

but knowing our system, they would more likely charge the child for indecent exposure in his or her bedroom instead!

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