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'Mega-constellations' could cause crashes

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Concerns have been raised over the number of new satellites being launched over the next few years.

Recent research funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) has suggested that plans by major technology firms such as Google and SpaceX to launch networks of miniature satellites in to space could ultimately do more harm than good.

These so-called 'mega-constellations' could place so many new satellites in to orbit that future collisions will be inevitable - further adding to the ever-growing threat posed by space debris.


It should cause us to think a little more I think. Reaching crescendo moments in a lot of ways and I cannot help but imagine. What if we had a cascading crash from one satellite that took out a lot of them..Lets hope that never happens. Might end up being trapped on earth by the debris that will strike every craft that tries to leave??

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My wife and I sit in the hot tub most evenings and we count the satellites and meteorites. We are blessed with a dark sky and few neighbors so the viewing is good. I have noted an increase in sats over the last 2 years. We used to see 4-5 an hour after sundown but now as many as 10-15 now. You can tell the difference between them because of the shiny-ness and trajectory. Some of them are steerable and I'm convinced these are our space Navy out of atmosphere ships. They do a slow curve over the earth not a clean straight line. Even the space station is recognizable as it travels the same path and is unbelievably shiny until it dips into the earth's shadow and blinks out. It's getting awfully busy up there.

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