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Obfuscation and the cause

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I have looked at a lot of the goings on, inside and outside of America.  The riots are a very good smokescreen for the Soros real initiative, that of migrating Muslims.  The distractions offshore are much of the same thing.  I get the feeling there is a lot of effort and money going into distracting the people and causing a host of obfuscating events in order to effect the actual strategy.

America is in much greater danger from inside than it is from forces or events from outside.  

Even is normal street fighting, the oldest trick in the book is to distract the opponent with some false movement or having an accomplice shout something and as soon as the opponent is distracted you steal a shot to the chin... not ethical but effective as hell - especially so if the opponent is stronger  and bigger than you..

The video insert is alarming to say the least.  The FBI and CIA and all the other ABC's are either asleep or complacent.....maybe even part of the plan....:secrets:




PS I'll pin this for a while if it does not wake some of us up....well then we can unpin it and lets all be complacent ...

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These camps have existed for years, and the  only plausible explanation is forces within our  own government are either being instructed to ignore it, or actively involved.   It's inconceivable to believe we will not see bitter results from this.

By now they are both well armed and well trained.

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