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It's Time To Stop Pretending North Korea Is A Threat To The United States

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 thedudeabides    2,027
9 hours ago, marlowe said:

It's Time To Stop Pretending North Korea Is A Threat To The United States


North Korea is a threat, goes the narrative. And we, as loyal Americans, should fear the potentiality of that fact.

That’s why the best soldiers the United States military has to offer are currently in South Korea, training — goes the narrative — to take out Kim Jong-un.

That’s why Japan, staunch U.S. ally, is considering deploying troops to South Korea — in preparation for the time when that evil dictator from the north will try to harm Japanese nationals in the south.

Conveniently, if Japan does deploy those troops — and, let’s be honest, they will — that will put the coalition of Japan, South Korea, and the United States together on the Korean peninsula.

Consider that for a moment.

They actually want us to believe that it would take the combined military might of the U.S., Japan, and South Korea to take out Kim Jong-un. There literally is no other way to look at it.

- snip-

{  I can get behind the title of this article .......}

This is very ignorant.  Any nation can be a threat. It doesn't matter how poor they are.


During war games it was proven a lesser nation can easily overwhelm our naval power with strategy alone. 



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