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5 Essential Tips if You Are New to Prepping

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Before we begin, let me make one thing clear: being prepared for most natural and man-made disasters has little to do with Doomsday, zombies or those reality shows where preppers spend hundreds of thousands on expensive gear and bunkers.

Instead, I invite you to skip over any preconceptions you may have and over what mainstream media wants you to believe and look at prepping from a different angle: one that focuses to increase your chances of survival in case of a wide variety of large- and small-scale events.

See, every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans die in unfortunate accidents simply because they were reckless and unprepared. Car crashes kill over 35,000 per year, drowning – 3,500, carbon monoxide kills 500 each year and bike accidents even more. These are just a few of the “top performers.” Let’s not forget the other critical events and small-scale disasters such as food poisoning, rape, assaults, house fires (over 1.2 million every year), flash floods, ice storms, avalanches and on and on.

If we start counting not just deaths but also injuries, we begin to see just how important it is to be prepared. Although I’ve written a comprehensive article on how to start prepping here, today I want to give you a head start with a few of my best of the best tips if you’re new to this.

A lot of mistakes are being made because people flock to buy gear and end up getting overpriced things that will fail them when they need them most.





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