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Just a Reminder during WROL.

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 thedudeabides    2,010

1. Stay out of cities. 


2. Do not loot. 


3. Keep traveling to as far as bugging out, then stay put. 


During a situation where the rule of law has been removed.  Anything goes, for those who are desperate or criminal.  Remove yourselves as far from populations centers as possible.  Hopefully with a sizable group that has planned ahead. 


Take care! 

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On 4/18/2017 at 6:20 PM, radio doc said:

it means "without rules of law" and we are getting there very fast!

I agree with this statement. We left our farm two years ago for financial and safety reasons. It was 1500 acres give or take 10 acres. We are temporarily in a blue collar neighborhood. We have multiple bug out locations within a days walk, or half a day bike ride. I spent part of my childhood in the aforementioned neighborhood. It is a war zone now. My son has already fended off an attempted home invasion and I took care of a GSW who collapsed in our neighbor's yard.

Wild and wooly, indeed. And no disrespect to LEO, but their overworked, under funded, wasting too much time on pot task forces, and, frankly, under attack from all directions to do anything about it.

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 Ian2day    14

In this transhumanist world they know what you're thinking from the implants that they put in your head etc.

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