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Fourth echelon

Trump the Donald and other musings

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While the squealing over the Iran nuclear agreement has dropped a few decibels in volume, foreign observers must be confused and occasionally amused over the discourse and tone of America's politics. Not even in Putin's Russia or Communist China, let alone "Clericocratic" Iran, has the rancor over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action approached within light years the acrimony of reactions in America. But another factor will eclipse this brouhaha -- the so-called Donald factor!

For those Americans who have been vacationing on Pluto and for those who have been following this soap opera saga from beyond these shores, the emergence of Donald Trump as a presidential contender must be as much a mystery as that distant planet was until a few days ago. By his many admissions, Trump has been a fabulously successful real estate mogul and entertainment entrepreneur. Based on those triumphs, Trump has thrown himself into the presidential sweepstakes with the finesse of a wrecking ball blasting one of the huge structures he has built.



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 YourMom2    1,271

Why would Trump risk his own money to run for office? Who's running his businesses why he's spinning his wheels in public? Why can't we have a candidate that is youthful like JFK instead of all these old farts? All they got is rhetoric and are as smelly as the rest of capitol hill. The House needs cleaning but can only be done through fire.

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