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My Short On Educationing The Masses

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                                                                       JUST SOMETHING I THINK ABOUT

What is happening people have become complacent or should I say lost in a fog of deceptions . They have their big screen tv’s and mini-vans and satellites . (And I’m happy that they have these things and I truly hope they enjoy them .) But sometimes because of this complacency people tend to forget or neglect to pay attention to the bigger picture . (No pun intended .) And everything might seem fine to them when it’s really not . And it doesn’t become apparent until things get worse and starts affecting them directly . This doesn’t mean people aren’t good or that they’re dumb. No! It means that they’re human and as humans people sometimes take the approach, “Oh what I can do about it anyway?” Unfortunately those at the very top " The self proclaimed elites " know all this and are able to exploit this complacency to their advantage and get away with some rotten behavior with little resistance . This is why in the Old Testament, God wanted His people to have Watchmen over the cities . This is why God says in the O.T. that His people will perish for lack of knowledge . So I say to those out there who are so inclined to serve as a watchmen please do . And for those who are able to educate and give knowledge to the people - give knowledge to the people but do it with a sense of purpose, in humility and when possible with love . (Not easy.) In this way, the nefarious ones at the top and their minions in society just may be stopped . A lot of times, it’s just a few souls who will make a difference in this world for the better .

If you are here as a visitor you maybe looking for more than self; I say welcome .

Then there are those of us that have been in the know for some time that are now called to the wall to be a watchman . Your instincts will guide you .

Caution once a person has been enlighten and called there is no way back to the bliss ignorance provides .. With much knowledge comes great sorrow . 


Just a added note .. I have never been a religions person I have never joined a club where religions ideology pushes a agenda . I have read the bible and many religious books and they have had vary little influence on me . I have found God who ever he may be in the beauty of all life it's self . I enjoy nature the most and have a embrace for this world thats above what we know of as evil .  

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