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L.A. Marzulli With More End times Prophecy

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L.A. has as been busy traveling Hear the Watchmen, which is still available to stream online.
Then in St. Louis he was looking at the Cahokia Mounds. He believes it’s fallen angel technology, Nephilim architecture.

Was Syria a false flag?  The issue of chemical weapons and today’s MOAB the was dropped on Afghanistan. We are in a very bizarre moment in time.

We can’t be the world’s policemen.
What’s happened to Trump’s “America first?”
We’re not privy to the intel Trump is getting.

Was this a false flag operation? If so then truth is dead.
L.A. points out that we still don’t know what happened on 9/11. 


Michael reminds us that April 15 is the date that North Korea will allegedly launch an attack on the U.S.
What about an EMP weapon? It would knock us back to the Stone Age.


Most of us have no clue what’s really going on.
Michael holds all sides accountable.
Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq were created by the British and the French after World War I.


ISIS, the Coptic church attacks in Egypt, 
Anniversaries: Fatima apparitions, Roswell, the nation of Israel.
They both agree that all the signs are there.

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