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MOAB - meaning & connections

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 ESET    1,190

Yes one of the names used was Mother Of All Bombs...

But there is connection to Kingdom of Moab, where human sacrifices took place in old days and they worshiped godes ISIS, ISHTAR (Easter is coming from her name) and Ba´al.

It is significant usage of MOAB just few days before easter celebrations.



"References to the religion of Moab are scanty. The Moabites were polytheists like the other early Semites; and they induced the Hebrew invaders to join in their sacrifices.Their chief god was Chemosh, so that they are even called the "people of Chemosh".

At times, especially in dire peril, human sacrifices were offered to him, as by Mesha, who gave up his son and heir to him.

Nevertheless, Solomon built, for this "abomination of Moab," on the hill before Jerusalem, a "high place" which was not destroyed until the reign of Josia.

The Moabite Stone also mentions a female counterpart of Chemosh, Ishtar-(or Ashtar-) Chemosh, and a god Nebo, the well-known Babylonian divinity, while the cult of Baal-peor (Num).


Check under "Religion" section.

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