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In Plain Sight? Apple's Campus 2 "Spaceship" HQ is "The Circle"

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Figured I'd post this and see what everybody thinks.

I obviously took notice when I saw the trailer for "The Circle", like many of you probably did. Big brother conditioning and programming. I was researching other things when I came across Apple's new Campus 2 headquarters. It's a huge circle and looks very similar to the one in the movie. After checking on some dates I found that the leasing of the land for the new HQ and the book came out at very close times periods. The book released on April 22nd 2014 and the land for Apple Campus 2 was leased the next month in May 2014. We know Apple devices are used to spy on us, is this them rubbing it in our face? Showing us their plans right before our eyes? It's honestly a little creepy seeing the similarities, when I came across it I was definitely taken back and pretty surprised.

Here's a video I put together on it, let me know what you guys think.



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