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 WhiteHorse    591


I remember a while back reading a report that they turned this array on and one of the scientist said they needed to turn it off, it was causing a reaction that was making him nervous. Sometimes you think when they flip the switches on these instruments like CERN and HAARP it's going to be a " hold my beer and watch this" moment. 


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 rbear    240

I am almost 100% sure this guy is a shill listed below because almost every comment made by him make no sense, however he finally did say something worthwhile kinda, see below.

good idea but at the same time lets keep the future wars violent instead of the destruction of the weather system.

conspiracy theories of the darpa developing non violent ways to end a war like using haarp to make it rain to flood the battle field so no guns have to be used.

yes! spring is a transition season normally the last frosts happen in april for the middle to upper latitudes of the united states the 2015 spring was particularly stubborn with the last frosts not hitting the upper latitudes until the middle to late june and wild swings in the jet stream.

i suspect darpa testing haarp to see if the weather can be modified on demand.

some thins should be left untested and only find out if they dont work when you actually need them like if you replace the headlight in your car you dont test it you just drive and find out it does not work when the police gives you a ticket for broken headlight


My though on this is that he is talking about California.




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