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These deformed fukushima daises are going viral

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I still want to know why there are no deformations or high rates of cancer among the Japanese living in Nagasaki or Hiroshima. Wanna hear a wild conspiracy theory on why? We never dropped atomic bombs there. How dare I say this? Well, the same size mushroom cloud and blast damage can be achieved with enough TNT if it were to explode. Not sure on how much you'd need, but maybe a closed doors meeting with the Emperor there was a deal stricken and Japan went through with a hoax. Why didn't they drop the bombs on military targets? Both of those places had nothing but civilian targets. You could even put some ionizing radiation material in the tnt bomb (americanium 235/etc) to give it that geiger counter flavor but seriously. Where are the deformities in plants and wildlife and humans from the "atomic bombs" dropped on those two cities? 

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