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Strange Tales of Ghostly Pets

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My pets always make a quick visit after they pass over.  Once, I had to have a cat put to sleep and after, I was crying a lot and fell asleep.  I woke up and he was sitting on my lap, looking at me, super healthy and I reached out to touch him and he disappeared.  Then I adopted a really old cat and had to put him to sleep. After I left the vet's office, I had the carrier in the front seat of the car and I could feel his presence in there and it lasted until I got home, then that feeling was gone. Another one I had died of kidney failure and I was away from home and my bff was taking care of him for me. I knew when I left he might not make it, but I had to go because of a very ill family member. He died while I was gone. I woke up the night he died (no one had told me yet) and I could see him in my mind's eye very clearly, he was walking through a room, stopped and looked at me and then just disappeared out of my mind. He was totally healthy in my mind's eye.  Anyway, I think they always say goodbye. Maybe it's to let you know they're ok? 

Anyway, found this and thought it might be interesting reading:

There has long been the assumption that only humans have true souls. We like to think that we sit on some high perch above the rest of the myriad of life that populates our planet. Yet what about the dear pets we keep? Alongside us often exist beloved animal members of the family that form emotional ties with us, live with us, and forge deep bonds with us. Is it possible that upon their passing they can find a way to linger within out world as ghosts, just as surely as any man spirit? Do animals have souls that can transcend that boundary between life and death? There have long been cases and accounts that seem to point to that possibility, and show that, if a life after death exists, we are not unique in our ability to partake in it. Here we will look at cases of ghostly dogs, cats, and others, and see that maybe animals do have souls that survive death after all.





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We recently had someone dear pass in January.  The grieving widow went to see a medium shortly after.
The medium was channeling him and he said to her that he knew he had passed when their dog, Mia, came running towards him.  The lady never knew of course they had a dog named Mia.  So yes, I do think animals have special place right alongside our souls.

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8 minutes ago, high.hopes said:

Great post Cinnamon

Thanks! I was hoping other people had stories like mine. :) 

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