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Terrifying Brain Slug Parasites Are On the Rise

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 Ukshep    17,192

A rare and terrifying brain parasite carried by slugs is spreading around the world, and doctors aren’t sure how to fight the spread.

The parasite, named Angiostrongylus cantonensis or the rat lungworm, is carried by slugs, who contract the parasite after eating rat feces containing the worm’s eggs. Those slugs then crawl over fruits, vegetables, and other surfaces and are subsequently picked up by humans. The larvae travel through the bloodstream and then embed themselves deep into brain tissue, causing a host of neurological problems.


Eek this sounds horrible! Any mention of this kind of thing bothers me as it seems to fit with combined hints at vampyrical energies, milk, etc etc. See the strain tv series for instance. The milk, The worm and The vampire. Those items get slipped into a lot of things.

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