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A Twitter Account That Predicted WW3 On April 7

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 Honey    171

Today, I have found many twitter accounts and other sites that talk about this prediction tweet. Here is one such link:


Also today, I allowed myself to indulge in information about the opposition to Trump. I have found that there is a great deal of unhappiness with this man in power, and it didn't just start over the Syria bombing. It is all cause for concern.

Another site that I looked at predicted terror attacks on April 20 for a middle eastern country, a north American country and Australia.  We will see what happens. Also predicted were gun rampages for several cities in the next few months, I think US. Supposedly, these were predicted by (WH) leak sites.

Everyone please take care and be aware.

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 Jostler    2,216

 In a bit over a week, another one of those satanic celebration periods begins and it's a bloody one.  I won't be at all surprised to see mass casualty events unfolding any time after the 17th, which opens the 13 day long "fire" celebrations leading up to Beltane (May Day) on May 1st.


Lots of  human sacrifice is required by these freaks during this season.

May 17th also just "happens" to be the day CERN goes "1st beam" for this year's technical schedule.   Easter Monday.

LHC Report: getting ready to restart

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 Bill_Davis    24

While I suggest being skeptical, it should be noted the people below predicted WWIII would break out on April 7th two months in advance, in a Tweet that is confirmed to be 100% real (which can be found here https://twitter.com/officialnmp)

Quick summary:

1) Below is inside information, at least one of these individuals works at the W.H. 

2) These people correctly predicted WWIII would begin April 7th (Syria attack by Trump), two months prior.

3) Bannon, Paul Ryan, Tillerson and Russian General Garsimov are behind a plan to start WWIII (Don't forget that Bannon has publicly stated that "evil" is good and he loves death and destruction).

4) They are going to set off a nuke and blame it on Russia.

5) Putin is not behind the election rigging, nor does he have any significant ties to Trump.

6) Jacob Rothschild helped Trump get elected (more on him here: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/12/04/jacob-rothschild-is-guilty-for-the-conspiracy-against-humankind/

7) Much of this was done through payoffs, they are throwing a lot of money around.

8) Many Christian pastors were paid to support Trump (might want to read this from a pastor: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/02/22/demonic-activity-palpable-at-president-trumps-rally-pastor-says/)

Have a look -- also read it here https://www.facebook.com/ResistDefyandLove/posts/638924946318595:0

On January 28-30, 2017, Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan, Rex Tillerson, and Valery Gerasimov spoke together several times and discussed starting #WWIII on April 7, 2017.
Now, our posts went viral when April 7th came (Syrian time, not US time zones) and the #Syriastrike happened...#WorldWarIII began to trend and our posts went viral.
However, throughout the day, we have been receiving a lot of questions so we have decided to write a "tell-all" note about what we know, how we know it, and hopefully answer your questions.
To start off, the #Syrianattack was planned by #SteveBannon, #PaulRyan, #RexTillerson, and #‪ValeryGerasimov over those three days at the end of January. Typical narcissists brag about their upcoming "accomplishments" to their victims and, as many of you know, we both have been victims of harassment and gang-stalking by Steve Bannon.
He likes to brag about what he considers to be his "accomplishments" in an attempt to cause fear in his victims. Only we never have cowered in fear because of him and we've decided to leak what we know.
Normally, Bannon's people stalk our accounts and us incessantly and cause confusion in #theResistance by either paying people off or threatening people and their families into silence, or, in some regards, into lying about what is truly going on.
The people Bannon works for have so much money they just throw it away in an attempt to pay everybody off.
But he has gotten sloppy - we found out he would be let go from his job this week and he was, we found out that Preibus would be leaking or quitting and rumor has it he is, and, most importantly, we called the beginning of WWIII today.
Neither of us are directly involved in the current administration - Robert is from one of the richest families in the world so he grew up around Trump (and was abused by him and his group) and Hepzibah is a pastor, who works as a spiritual adviser to several well-known democratic leaders. But we both know what's going on and we are planning to expose whatever we can whenever we get information.
They've become sloppy this week and that's worked for our advantage.
The #Syrian attack? It was not #Assad who planned it but the four we mentioned. They want war in the #MiddleEast - for money and oil, as usual.
They wanted to set #Putin up as the fall guy and tip his hand for war. You see, Valery has gone rogue - and not in the Resistance sense of the word.
As many of you know, Robert and I have stated from the get-go that Vladimir was NOT behind #electiongate - he was lured into a trap by Jacob Rothschild in spring and summer 2016, during the primaries. He DID do some black hat hacking back then - and worked with #JulianAssange.
Julian worked side-by-side with Jacob and lured Vladimir in... but only for six months or so. Julian? He was on Jacob's payroll. He created fake Bernie and Hillary supporter profiles to cause division amongst the #Democrats. The reason? It's a spiritual reason which we've talked about on countless posts - many people don't understand the spiritual aspect of what we are speaking about so, unless you are interested, we won't go any further into this (you can inbox us here for more info about this).
What we will say is this: Vladimir WAS partially guilty of the primary hacking but NOT of #electiongate. He stopped hacking around late summer, early fall. Jacob was, essentially, threatening him which is what kept him in it for so long. But he was NOT guilty of the rigged election - Jacob was, along with two hundred plus associates who pulled it off through hacking, payoffs/hush money, or threatening.
Putin was played by Donald J. Trump- Donnie acted like he wanted a friendship with Vladimir only to take advantage of him. He played him like a fiddle - knew very few people in the west liked him and was trying to control him. But, as the election drew closer, DJT stopped his praise of him. And withdrew from Vladimir because Vlad was no longer part of Jacob's inner circle.
Going back to #electionday, many were involved in the rigging - some of these people included members of #Info*whres and #Wikileaks, as well as, Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan, Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump, Rex Tillerson, Reince Priebus, and Michael T. Flynn (amongst many others).
#PaulManafort was one of the biggest riggers and got paid more than most did but he ousted himself right before the election and was one of the key players (anybody remember his tweet from the weekend before the election? He exposed their plans - can anybody find that tweet so we can post it here?)
They were all promised things - for most, it was a position on his cabinet or staff - for some, it was shoutouts and support (for instance: DJT supports #AlexJWNS deeply).
But for others: it was money LOTS of it.
They paid a lot of money to have the election polls rigged for #Trump but #HillaryClinton won on both counts.
Once he "won," Donald began having to "pay-it-forward" to those who helped him get there: he had to play nice with Ryan and he had to give Steve the due he was promised - and Steve began to control Trump's world.
Fast forward to January 2017, right before he took office, Bannon went from having the final say in everything to having the first say. He fed off of Trump's desire to be liked and stroked his ego, while building an empire.
Bannon began considering himself (and we quote) the "president-king." And the plots began.
Around that time, I (Robert) began opening up about my sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of Donald Trump and his men - I filed a lawsuit and went into hiding - but I also started tweeting the "inside info" I know about Trump and his people. So the threats began.
Bannon began threatening me and Hepzibah, as well as, hiring a group of"Resistance" members to launch an all-out assault against us online to discredit us - this is called projection and the Veil of Confusion (this is just like what Trump did about Hillary). They made up all kinds of lies and spent their entire days condemning us all because Bannon knew, one day, we would be part of his political demise.
But he got too cocky and began to slip. He posted on the dark net about his plans for white domination and World War III.
He began calling us and making fake profiles to stalk us on - even Donald made a few fake profiles to harass us on.
They wanted to make us afraid and shut us down like they did the others - but it didn't work. Nevertheless, WE persisted.
They even offered my lawyer a huge multi-million dollar payoff to turn his back on me and the case - but it didn't work.
Bannon bragged about how the four of them would start WWIII on 4/7 while making it look like they were "protecting" people (after a "terrorist attack" that was really a #falseflag). They targeted a Syria for several reasons - 1.) to get back at Putin for leaving Jacob and their club, 2.) to make it look like "#ISIS" did it, 3.) get the oil and money from the Middle East by creating a new war, and 4.) trying to make Vladimir so mad that he used a bomb to start WWIII.
They also coincided this with the #Chinese PM's visit to #MaraLago because China is one of the biggest targets - they want war between the United States & rogue Russian military leaders (such as Val) and China, non-rogue Russia (VP and those working for him), North Korea, & Islamic nations (Iran and Syria being the main countries).
True to the Trump administration, everything is a distraction: Bannon paid somebody to set up the bombing in #StPetersburg the other day as a distraction from election gate. He set up two other bombs the next day there and he's playing to set-up two-three more false flags in Russia over the next 72 hours or so.
He also used that as a distraction for the REAL terrorist attack in Syria. Which, of course, became a distraction for the beginning of WWIII. What is that military action a distraction for? The #StockholmAttack. What was that a distraction for? The planned nuclear war.
Valery has gone rogue but he is the one planning to launch the nuclear warhead (with Bannon's go-ahead of course) to pin it on Russia - especially Putin because he's walked away from the club.
What is to come?
1) The next step is nuclear war - main cities being aimed at? Beijing or Shanghi 
2.) April 20 - three members of their club (two of which are leaders of nations and one of which is working for Donald) are planning three simultaneous terrorist attacks - one in the Middle East (don't know what country), one in Australia, and one in North America 
3.) Faux financial instability in the markets - stocks to hard crash over the next month. Why? To put Donald's plans of a dictatorship into motion. Note: Trump is NOT planning this, those working for him are
4.) Widespread outbreak of a disease - selectively killing off those who are weakened or poor. 
5.) There's talk that there will be two public mass shootings in the next month and a half - Chicago is a probable location they are discussing
6.) Putin is planning to leak much of the dirt he has on DJT and DJT's people over the next week - specifically related to the crime ring they are involved in (sexual abuse, money and human trafficking, and Trump's involvement with a drug lord in Mexico (real reason he wants to "build a wall").
This is their upcoming plots - granted: they can be stopped by us fighting against them. Paul Ryan admitted yesterday that it is almost over.
Be expecting to see three leaders of the #altright/ #neonazi movement publicly walk away from Trump. Don't know who it will be but there is talk.
Be expecting to see four planes mysteriously "crash" in the next two months, most of which are tied to Islamic countries or those who speak against Trump... know these planes were taken down by our government.
Our lives are being actively threatened and we are having active attempts on our lives so we do not share this lightly. We hope this answered some of your questions, if you have any specific questions please inbox us.
If you are on Twitter follow us: @rogueleaks and @officialNMP

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 Ukshep    23,053
3 hours ago, Cryptic Mole said:

The Masonic Order is calling for ritual and blood sacrifices and they'll get all that's needed!

Yep giant loosh farm... They are ready to harvest so he can gain his power.

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 Ukshep    23,053
14 minutes ago, Zing said:

Can't this horrible plan to be stopped?

It can be. It will be! Positivity!

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 OdinsEye    282
6 hours ago, Cryptic Mole said:

The Masonic Order is calling for ritual and blood sacrifices and they'll get all that's needed!

my overarching CT is that all the "illuminated groups" (ie the higher up in every religion + masons + government secret societies) all truely worship satan - they might not even know

but i think they do, behind the scenes  they're all friends, heads of state, work together, etc...

when our army is over there killing for the government, they are killing for Satan,  when islamists are killing in jihad they are killing for satan, blood sacrifices to manifest chaos

marina abromavich(sp), spirit cooking, and the ritualistic rape and murder of children sent me into this rabbit hole... 



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