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Guitar Doc

Economic Farming

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This is the situation we are in. We live in a system of control, overt and subtle, which we have been born into so we think it is normal and justified. What is happening is we are being economically farmed.


How it works is very simple. An employer pays an employee a wage. Everyone economically farming is now trying to capture that wage. Those employers who issued the wage try and farm the workers for hours of their life (that is what you are exchanging when you work for people, hours of your life and there is no measure of when it will run out.). To maximize their economic farming they try and pay as little as they can while still retaining as a skilled workforce as needed.

Technical collages were not created by high minded people, they were created by industrialist manufacturers to create the skilled worker they needed for their modern factories and industries. Our Education system is centered on supplying our Chief Economic Farmers the stock they require to maximize their farming ventures.

We are taught at a young age how to jump through the hoops created to obtain our needs and desires, by working for economic farmers. It would not be inaccurate to say our society has two types of people in it, those being farmed and those doing the farming.


In farming stock management is important. You keep your stock happy so they are easier to control. In Economic Farming the stock has been psychologically conditioned to feel "happy" when they spend their money. Means beyond monitory control are also required for those stock units who don't seek to be gainfully farmed. Addictive drugs are another diversion for stock who are not on the economic treadmill.

Loose Stock causes trouble.

Idle Stock are the farmer's trouble in waiting, every economic farmer know it.

Everyone is making off the Basic Stock, who is just a mindless unit working and spending rather than  grazing and being milked. As long as the stock is told they too can be a Farmer, or  special cow, like Beyonce or Madonna, or just kept entertained enough, they will keep mindlessly working and spending until they drop dead.


Farming is pretty basic, as long as you obey those basic principals you will get rich off your stock.


Best Economic Farming practices


A bit off everyone. Governments do this with taxes and sales taxes. Banks do it as well with interest on loans.

Dazzle them with novel bullshit. Human stock loves new things.

Slavery through essential services. a popular favorite.

Join a Farming Faction. Investor groups who farm other stock and other farmers.

Create a belief system which gets you to give them  10% of your earnings after tax earning every Sunday. Need I say more?

Offer people something which will give them more time to themselves. Ironic as they will be sacrificing their time to obtain it.


Welcome to the world of Farming, where you farm or be farmed.

(no real farmers were harmed in the creation of this written work and Charlie.corp denies any culpability for loses in farming due to random postings)

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So basically we are either cattle or slaves. Take your pick. So long as we are buying into the corporate system with our dollars and making the fat cats richer it makes no difference.

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I was mulling this over the other day and it creeped me out really bad.  They are farming human labor. And they are also farming human body parts and are now admitting it.  But that's ok... even though it's causing people to consume human stem cells in flavoring. (and who knows where else until we find out!) This farming goes deep. 

If we know this goes on here so quietly, why should anything these freaks do surprise us or be too much too believe? 

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